Convert XenServer VHD to Microsoft Hyper-V VHD

Recently I was tasked to figured out if it is possible to convert from Citrix XenServer VHD to Microsoft Hyper-V VHD. This will facilitate the ability to migrate from a Citrix XenServer Hypervisor to a Microsoft Hyper-V hypervisor.

The steps are as below :-

  1. Login to your XenCenter. Connect to the relevant XenServer in my case is a XenServer 5.6 SP2.
  2. Select Tools –> Virtual Appliance Tool –>Export Appliance screen3
  3. Define the Appliance Name and also the Destination on the local Computer where the XenCenter is installed on,then Hit Nextscreen4
  4. Select the Virtual Machine you would like to convert.screen5
  5. Add any EULA necessary which in my case it wasn’t necessaryscreen6
  6. Enter any security Settings necessary, which in my case is not necessary so default settings is maintainedscreen7
  7. Please add in any advance option necessary, since we are needing the VHD file so leave all the options unselected. Hit Finishscreen8
  8. Conversion in progress.screen9
  9. After its done succesfuly click donescreen10
  10. You will see the VHD file in the directoryscreen11
  11. Copy the VHD file to your Hyper-V host. Configure and attach harddisk as per-normal Hyper-V steps
  12. Uninstall the Citrix Tool and Install Hyper-V Integration Tool

*edit I recently posted how to convert XVA file to vhd.If you exported your XenServer VMs out. You can use an alternate tool instead of re-importing it into your XenServer. Please refer to this URL


  1. XenDesktop on ESXi Hyper V so they might look to just provide integration with these other online file shares from Citrix Receiver as well.

  2. Sufficient research by Citrix led them to the perfect solution

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